NOTE:  Don't panic when you don't see your phone looking like the screenshots. When OPEN, my app opens a Dashboard or a Menu if you will.  It helps making applying themes process simpler.  Just click "Apply" button and follow simple instructions.  Then Click "Open" button to open GO Launcher app to see your beautiful theme in your GO Launcher screen.  You may have to choose GO Launcher as the DEFAULT.


  • GO Launcher EX AND THEMES. 


    • Download one of my themes for GO Launcher EX.
    • Click DONE.
      • IF click OPEN, it'll open my app menu "dashboard" and you can apply theme from there with just ONE CLICK.
    • Open Go Launcher EX, hit MENU >themes>Installed>choose XO theme and Apply and you are done.

[other TIPS]

To change icons:  Long press an icon > Replace > Theme's icons

IV. use LARGE icons:  Menu>Preferences>Visual settings>Icons>Icon size

[ iPhone theme ]

For those who downloaded iPhone themes, make your phone cool with this instructions.

Run Go Launcher Ex and follow the 5 simple steps.


NOTE: Your icons will line up on the shelf as if you have placed them there.

1. Menu>Preferences>Visual settings>BACKGROUNDS>wallpaper mode>VERTICAL

2. LARGE icons: Menu>Preferences>Visual settings>Icons>Icon size

3. Menu>Preferences>Screen settings>GRIDSIZE>4X4

4. Menu>Preferences>app drawer settings>GRIDSIZE>4X4

5. Menu>Effects>Choose any effect. My favorite for this theme is the Default. It slides the icons side to side.

III. [Theme Tips]

• You cannot open the theme from the market. You must launch GO Launcher EX.

• Make sure Go Launcher EX runs on your device before installing

• If the icons do not update --> quit/restart GO Launcher. Restart phone. Make sure if you have apps on the SD card that the SD card is mounted. If this does not work, uninstall the theme and download and install it again. You will not be charged.

• To move to the SD card you must be running Android OS 2.2 or higher. Download free "app2sd" it works well for moving apps to sd card.

IV. [ CLOCK WIDGETS ] Want the look of the clocks on my pictures?

Use these FREE awesome clocks.

Clock Q
After you install this clock, open the app and change the settings to followed: Font: ARCADE COLOR: BLUE

Nexus clock widget

Fancy widgets, one of favorites because it plays with transparency and looks like Sense.

GO clock widgets, very good too, has about 10 clocks in 1.